TCPs produce the highest level of ad recall, improving brand perceptions and driving action


The Challenge

Travel Website wanted to shift brand perceptions from being seen as ‘one of many online travel agents’ to being ‘different’, helping people and making their life easier. 

The ads intended to express how Travel Website could save time, effort and money, while aiming to inspire commuters when in need of ‘escapism’. Overall, the campaign looked to increase website usage and drive sales, whilst improving brand awareness.

The Execution

In early 2016, the Travel Website ran a multi-media advertising campaign, on outdoor formats (a 4-week medium-weight campaign with Exterion, on London Underground 48 sheets, TCPs, DEPs), as well as on TV.

In order to capture the effectiveness of the campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 700 ABC1 respondents:
37% males, 63% females
14% 18-24 years, 46% 25-34 years and 40% 35-44 years

Test Sample: London Tube users
Control Sample: Non-Tube users who live outside of London

The Results

The Travel Website TCP adverts struck a chord with London Tube users, achieving a high level of ad recall and driving people to take action towards the brand.

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Ad recall

48% of all London Tube users recalled the Travel Website tube carriage ads

Drives online

56% Tube users who recalled the tube carriage ads interacted with the brand online (vs. 23% who did not recall the tube carriage ads)

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