Bus driving awareness of a TV programme launch


The Challenge

A TV channel wanted to drive awareness for the second series of a TV programme showing on their channel. Because this was still a relatively new series, driving awareness before the programme launched was crucial to its success. 

The Execution

In October 2014 the TV channel ran a campaign for the TV programme using Bus Impact formats (T-sides). 
In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample that consisted of 30% 18-34 years, 50% 35-54 years and 20% 55 years + was used to reflect the target audience.

Test areas included London (n = 300), other urban cities (n = 800) & a control group selected from the rest of the UK (n = 200).

The Results

The results show that the likelihood to watch both the TV Channel and the TV programme are significantly higher in test areas - across the UK - than the control group. 

Those exposed are significantly more likely to go online to investigate the TV programme or the TV channel – after seeing the Bus advertising

TV Launch graph

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Drives likelihood

1 in 5 are more likely to watch the advertised programme or the TV Channel as a result of Bus advertising

Drives interaction

In the last 2 weeks, 19% of those exposed to the Bus ads had interacted with the advertised TV programme or the TV channel vs. 9% of those not exposed

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