Bus amplifies campaign, driving people to find out more about the programme


The Challenge

A TV channel wanted to drive awareness for the second series of a TV programme, showing on their channel. Because this was still a relatively new series, driving awareness before the programme launched was crucial to its success. 

The Execution

In October 2014 the TV channel ran a campaign for the TV programme using Bus Impact formats (T-sides) In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 30% 18-34 years, 50% 35-54 years and 20% 55, in order to reflect the target audience. Test areas included London (n = 300), other urban cities (n = 800) & a control group selected from the rest of the UK (n = 200). 

The Results

Results indicate that Bus advertising worked well alongside TV to amplify the campaign, driving people to take action and seek to find out more about the TV programme.

TV Programme Launch 2_graph_RT

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Amplifies TV

1 in 2 people who recalled the Bus & TV ads were driven to go on to find out more about the programme

Drives viewers

2 in 5 people are more likely to watch the TV programme or TV channel as a result of Bus advertising

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