‘Always On’ LU and Bus campaign delivered strong results, driving brand awareness and interaction for AO



The Challenge 

AO.com wanted to drive brand awareness, consideration and usage of its website amongst the premium London audience.

The Execution

AO.com opted for a long-term approach through an ‘Always On’ campaign, using a mix of creative executions on a range of formats across London Underground (LU) and Bus.

Between September – December 2016, AO.com ran a multi-format Out-of-Home campaign across Tube Car Panels, cross-track 16 sheets (Platinum & Interchange) and London Routemaster Buses. Creative variations were updated every two weeks to promote key brands and products.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 900 respondents, ABC1, 18-64 year olds, with an even gender split.

Test Sample: London Tube users (use London Underground at least twice per week) who visited the city center at least once in past two weeks; with potential to be exposed to both Tube and Bus campaign elements.

Control Sample: Non-Tube users who live outside London and have not traveled to London within the past 3 months.

The Results

Long term exposure worked not only to ensure a high level of ad recall, but increased brand consideration, as well as positive perceptions towards AO.com. Ultimately, the campaign drove over half of those who recalled the ads to interact with the brand in the past two weeks (browsed the AO website or recommended the brand).

“With AO being a predominant TV advertiser – shifting this amount of investment into OOH was a huge risk for the client. However, the results show that this worked well and that it was a risk worth taking. The Always-On presence not only allowed AO to show their brand, but with the flexibility of swapping creative in, we were able to do a two-pronged approach, talking about AO, whilst also supporting the different manufacturers.”

Holly Hall – Planning Manager, Mediacom

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Ad recall

64% of London respondents recalled at least one of the AO.com Out-of-Home ads (Bus or Tube)

Driving action

57% of London respondents who recalled at least one of the Out-of-Home ads have interacted with AO.com in the past two weeks

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