Bus ads drove interaction and future visits to Express Bi-Folding Doors showrooms and stores/stands

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The Challenge

Express Bi-Folding Doors sought to increase consideration of their brand, and drive footfall into local showrooms.

The Execution

During May 2017, Express Bi-Folding Doors sought to target consumers in Scotland who were looking to undertake big home improvements. A multi-format Bus campaign was planned across our platforms:

- Bus lower rears
- Bus mega rears

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 2,400 respondents:

- 2,000 nationally representative
- 400 test sample targeting a key cities in Scotland

Nat rep sample: nationally representative of age, gender, location and SEG. 

Test sample: consists of respondents from Edinburgh and Glasgow (work, live in or visit at least x3 a week).

The Results

Exposure to the Bus campaign worked to increase future interaction and the likelihood to visit a showroom among those in Edinburgh & Glasgow. The campaign resonated with those looking to make big home improvements in the near future; a key audience for Express Bi-Folding Doors.  

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Purchase likelihood

43% of those who recalled the Bus ads in the target Scottish cities are likely to visit an Express Bi-Folding Doors showroom/ store in the future

Drove interaction

68% of those who recalled the Bus ads in the target Scottish cities will interact with Express Bi-Folding Doors in the next couple of months (vs. 22% who did not recall)

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