Bus campaign drove awareness and future consideration for One Care Consortium

One Care Consortium _RT


The Challenge

One Care Consortium wanted to raise awareness and interaction with their service among people living and working in the Bristol area.

The Execution

During April 2017 a multi-format OOH campaign was planned across Exterion Media platforms for One Care Consortium. This campaign was run across Bus rears and Bus interiors. 

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 2,200 respondents:

- 2,000 nationally representative
- 200 test sample targeting a key city outside of London

Nat rep sample: nationally representative of age, gender, location and SEG. 

Test sample: consists of respondents from Bristol (work, live in or visit Bristol at least x3 a week).

The Results

Analysis of the results demonstrates how exposure to the ads through the Bus campaign drove interest for the service, resulting in a higher interest to interact with One Care Consortium online (e.g. through social media, visiting the website, etc).

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  • Format: Bus
  • Location: South West
  • Sector: Misc
  • Client: One Care Consortium
  • Date: April 2017


Ad recall

31% of respondents who frequent Bristol – the target city – recalled the Bus ads

Drove interaction

55% of those who recalled the ads in Bristol are likely to interact with One Care Consortium in the future

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