Bus and LU ads worked in conjunction to boost ad recall and drive interactions with Ultra Chloraseptic

Ultra Chloraseptic bus ad


The Execution

Between December 2016 – January 2017, Ultra Chloraseptic ran a multi-format campaign across London Underground (Tube Car Panels and LCDs) and Bus (T-sides, Supersides, Rears and Bus Interior Panels). The Digital element of this campaign targeted commuters at times when temperatures dropped below 4℃.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 1,700 respondents, 18-64 year olds over 2 x waves of activity:

Test Sample: Live and/or work in key UK cities where ads were running, visit the city centre at least once per week (with potential to be exposed to Bus campaign).

London Test sub-sample: Live in or work in/visit London at least x3 per week and have used the LU in the past two weeks AND use the LU at least x2 per week.

Control Sample: Do not live/work in any of the cities where the Exterion Media ads ran/have not visited any of them in the past 3 months (not exposed to the campaign). 

The Results

Results indicate that Bus and London Underground formats provided a high level of ad recall. Multiple ads across these two environments worked in conjunction to boost interactions with Ultra Chloraseptic.

“We saw our chosen mix of London Underground and Bus formats working effectively together to drive brand awareness and consideration amongst the Exterion premium London audience. The research conducted by Exterion Media for this campaign was crucial to measure the impact of our approach and provided us with valuable insight into how the campaign was received and how people reacted upon seeing it.”

Jon Connolly – Marketing Director, Ceuta Healthcare

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Key stats

Ad recall

58% of all London respondents recalled at least one of the Ultra Chloraseptic Out-Of-Home ads (Bus or Tube)

Driving purchases

33% of those who recalled the Out-Of-Home ads have purchased Ultra Chloraseptic within the past 2-3 months (vs. 6% who did not recall)

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