‘Always On’ strategy generates top of mind awareness for Zoopla



The Challenge

Zoopla wanted to increase brand awareness and drive traffic online to their site. With the property market rocketing and rival competitors fighting to be the ‘go to’ most trustworthy site for property information, Zoopla needed to stand out. 

The Execution

In October 2014, we measured the impact of Zoopla’s campaign on Iconic Routemasters & Supersides over the last 6 months.  

To capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of; 30% 18-34 years, 50% 35-54 years, 20% 55 years + to reflect the target audience. 

The test group consisted of London residents & non- residents who visited central London in the past month (n= 399). Using a control of non-London residents – who have not visited within the past month (n=161).

The Results

Post campaign, Zoopla saw the highest levels of saliency for both brand and advertising awareness vs. competitors.  Demonstrating the power of an ‘Always On’ strategy using London Bus

"We have seen a significant increase in prompted and spontaneous brand awareness since investing in OOH across London. The biggest investment we have made in OOH in London has been a long-term holding on bus sides and on underground sheetage through Exterion. Whilst delivering an increase in brand awareness, this activity has also done something that is more difficult to quantify but equally valuable; it has helped transform Zoopla into one of London’s iconic brands.”

Kyrenia Blanshard, Head of Brand Marketing, ZPG

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Increased awareness

57% of those exposed to the bus ads recalled the brand unprompted

Driving online

People exposed to the ad are 65% more likely to search properties online using the brand’s website

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