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Culture Vultures
take a look into our latest arts and attractions survey.

The findings reveal that 76% of the UK’s urban audience think that the arts industry should be responsible for including and representing the diversity of the country. The results show that the urban audience is open to change and would like to see more variety, with 57% of respondents wanting to see a broader spectrum of writers getting their plays into the theatre.

Pride was a key theme for Londoners, with 86% very proud of the attractions the city offers and 73% stating that they enjoy going back and re-visiting these attractions. In addition, 54% of Londoners say that events and exhibitions are at the top of their to-do lists over the weekend.

The urban audience likes to keep up with new launches and exhibitions in the industry, with 70% saying they like to be reminded of these whilst out and about. This increases to 84% for Tube users, who use their commute to look for inspiration on how to spend their free time. This visibility pays off when it comes to sales too, with 72% of those surveyed saying they have purchased a ticket to an event or exhibition after seeing a poster for it.

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