Reading Between the Lines

Find out about how urbanites are reading, what they're reading and where in our latest Research initiative, Reading Between the Lines.

Using our award winning panel and industry tools, we have been looking at the urban audiences reading behaviour in today's digital age.

Reading is the most popular hobby amongst urbanites (65%), closely followed by listening to music. Although important; urbanites say they are consistent readers always allocating time for reading, 8 out of 10 urbanites are looking to read more.

With digital addiction an increasing concern, urbanites are looking to read more as it’s an ideal way to switch off from social media. Urbanites spend 4 hours on social media each week.

The excitement of the print revival has died down slightly with print growth stalling in 2017 and 2018. The most intriguing sector of the book market currently is audiobooks, with the format likely to receive a boost from the growing popularity of voice-controlled smart speakers

Rebecca McGrath
Senior Media Analyst, Mintel

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