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The Fashion and Beauty industry is constantly evolving, with new drivers of influence and the latest trends around every corner. Urban Runway gets under the skin of the fashion and beauty habits of the urban audience. Putting different target audiences at the heart of this report, it gives a glimpse into the lives and styles of urbanites - identifying the best sources of inspiration, and the most creative and effective touch points that they can be reached with.

Using our award-winning 11,000-strong work.shop.play. community panel, we were able to delve deep into the urban audiences’ motivations and behaviours, bringing together data from a number of surveys and ad effectiveness research projects, illustrating how urban audiences are open to influence.

It aims to inform advertisers about the habits and motivations of different target audiences within Fashion and Beauty. It also demonstrates how we can use these insights to cut through to these often time-poor, hyper-connected urbanites during their busy lives, and how we can build packages that suit advertisers’ needs.

Urban Runway

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