London Worker Planning Tool

The London Worker Planner Tool is the only quantitative study of its kind to understand London workers who are drawn to the capital to work, shop and play. Currently, industry surveys (TGI, BARB) focus on where people live and not on their day to day movements, but for the first time our London Worker Planner Tool allows us to redefine the audience to reflect where London workers spend their time rather than where they live. It gives us information on demographics, transport used for commuting, attitudinal statements as well as shopping and socialising behaviours during the working week.

Using an online survey of over 3,000 respondents, we asked them over 70 questions about their lives and up-weighted the results to be representative of the 3.8 million London workers. The data has been fused with TGI and Touchpoints to give us a deeper insight into London workers brand loyalty, product buying behaviour and media consumption habits.

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