StreetReach Terms and Conditions

The Street Reach Challenge 2016

Competition Terms 

1. Competition format

1.1. Subject to the terms of these Rules, we invite you to submit Artwork to the Competition Email Address or Website in order to enter into the Competition.

1.2. You may choose to enter Artwork for the following regions:

1.2.1. Scotland;

1.2.2. North East (including Yorkshire);

1.2.3. North West;

1.2.4. Midlands;

1.2.5. West and Wales;

1.2.6. South East; and

1.2.7. London.

1.3. Please ensure you read these Rules carefully as your entry into the Competition is strictly subject to the Rules and they detail the circumstances under which we may be able to withhold prizes and/or disqualify entrants or refuse entrance.

2. Entrance to the Competition

2.1. You may enter this Competition if you are:

2.1.1. at least 18 years old;

2.1.2. resident in England, Scotland or Wales;

2.1.3. a new and/or existing client (not having used Street Reach Advertising Formats previously);

2.1.4. a Direct Agency (not having used Street Reach Advertising Formats previously). 

2.2. You must not enter this Competition if:

2.2.1. you are an employee, agent or director of the Promoter;

2.2.2. you are a family member of any of those persons referred to in clause 2.2.1.

2.3. The Competition commences on 31 January 2016 and entries will be accepted until Midnight on 30 April 2016. The Promoter reserves the right to extend the Competition deadline at its discretion. Notwithstanding the above, any entries which are received outside of this time period shall be refused unless an official extension has been offered by the Promoter in which case the Promoter will announce such an extension on the Website. Any entries which are received after the Competition has closed shall be refused. 

2.4. You may enter the Competition as many times as you like in any one of the seven (7) regions available for entry into this Competition.

3. The Artwork

3.1. All Artwork submitted must be:

3.1.1. in accordance with the Street Reach Advertising Format which can be found here; and

3.1.2. either: sent directly to the Competition Email Address and include all required entry details as listed on the Website; or uploaded to the competition holding page located on the Website;

3.1.3. in PDF format and of less than 10MB;

3.1.4. approved by the Advertiser;

3.1.5. accompanied by a paragraph highlighting how bus advertising works for the Advertiser’s brand and what bus’ urban audience offers the Advertiser; and

3.1.6. suitable for submission to the Promoter as ‘Advertisement Copy’ in accordance with the Promoter’s General Terms and Conditions.

3.2. The Artwork must be original and must not have run on any media platform prior to entry or be due to run on any media platform in the 12 months following the Competition commencement date. 

3.3. The winner may make minor copy and design amendments to the winning piece of Artwork at the Promoter’s discretion prior to accepting the prize in accordance with clause 7.3. 

3.4. Artwork which is not received via the Website or Competition Email Address will not be accepted as entry into the Competition.  

3.5. There are no fees payable to enter the Competition and no purchase is necessary. 

3.6. All required fields of entry details on the Website must be completed. 

4. Promoter’s right to refuse entry

Without prejudice to any of its other rights, the Promoter may refuse to accept:

4.1. any entry into the Competition where the Artwork has not been submitted in accordance with clause 3; and 

4.2. any entry into the Competition where the Artwork is submitted in breach of the warranties contained in clause 8.

5. Judging

5.1. The judges will take into consideration the following criteria in judging the Artwork:

5.1.1. impact/memorability;

5.1.2. use of the medium;

5.1.3. creativity;

5.1.4. copywriting; and

5.1.5. rationale.

5.2. Judging will take place after the closing date by a judging panel, comprising of at least one independent judge.

5.3. If your Artwork is chosen by the judges as a winning entry you will be contacted by email or telephone directly within seven (7) days of the judges’ decision.
5.4. If you are contacted in accordance with clause 5.3, you must respond to the email within seven (7) days. 

6. Winners 

6.1. One (1) winner from each of the seven (7) regions listed in clause 1.2 will be chosen.
6.2. You may be required to provide us with proof that you have complied with these Rules in order to be declared as one of the seven (7) winners of this Competition.

6.3. The winning Artwork, names of the seven (7) winning entrants, Advertisers and, if relevant, the agency:

6.3.1. will be published either permanently or temporarily on the Website; and

6.3.2. may be featured on the Promoter’s advertising inventory

6.4. You agree that, if you win the competition, you will provide to us certain data which may demonstrate the effect of the advertising, which is the subject of the prize, on the business of the Advertiser which is the subject of the winning Artwork. This data may, for example, take the form of any or all of the following: 

6.4.1. website uplift figures;

6.4.2. unit sales uplift figures; and/or

6.4.3. client testimonials.

7. Prizes

7.1. The prize for the winning Artwork in each of the seven (7) regions will be a minimum of £20,000 worth of advertising (inclusive of production costs) on a Street Reach Advertising Format.

7.2. The amount of advertising to which the winners are entitled will be calculated with reference to the Promoter’s standard rate card value at the time of booking.
7.3. All seven (7) winners of the Competition, or the Advertisers which are the subject of the winning Artwork, must book the Street Reach Advertising Format direct with the Promoter no later than the 31 July 2016. Display of the advertising will be subject to availability, consent of the media owner and to the Promoter’s standard General Terms and Conditions. 

8. Intellectual property

8.1. You warrant that the copyright and any other intellectual property in the Artwork:

8.1.1. is owned by the you; or

8.1.2. is owned by the Advertiser who has granted to you a licence which permits you to: enter the Artwork lawfully into the Competition; accept and make use of the prize, should you win it; and grant the rights detailed in clause 8.2, below. 

8.2. You will or, at the election of the Promoter, will procure that the Advertiser will, grant to the Promoter a worldwide, perpetual irrevocable licence to use the Artwork and the words and images contained within it in any of their publications and on any of their advertising inventory, websites and/or promotional material associated with the Competition and to deliver the prize, should you win it. 

8.3. For the avoidance of doubt, the owner of the intellectual property rights in the Artwork shall retain those rights after submission of the Artwork for entry into the Competition, subject to the licence granted to the Promoter in this clause 8.2.

9. Limitation of liability

9.1. Nothing in these Rules shall exclude or limit our liability:

9.1.1. for death or personal injury caused by negligence;

9.1.2. for fraud; or

9.1.3. to the extent that liability cannot be lawfully limited or excluded. 

9.2. Subject to clause 9.1:

9.2.1. the Competition is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any representation or endorsement. All warranties, conditions and guarantees relating to the Competition by us or on our behalf, whether express or implied by law, statute, course of dealing or otherwise, including but not limited to, implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non infringement, compatibility, security, accuracy, condition or completeness are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law; and

9.2.2. the Promoter will not be liable to you in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence) or otherwise in connection with the Competition. 

9.3. Although we have made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Website is free from viruses and other damaging components, we cannot guarantee this. Neither can we guarantee that use of the Website will be uninterrupted, timely secure and/or error-free.

10. Enquiries

10.1. For enquiries, questions or further information, please send an email to the Competition Email Address. We will endeavour to respond to any enquiries within 5 working days. 

10.2. Any enquires in respect of the Competition must be made within 28 days of the Competition closing date. Enquiries made after this time will not be responded to. 

11. General

11.1. This competition is owned and operated by Exterion Media (UK) Limited (herein referred to as the “Promoter”, “our”, “we”, “us”) a company registered in England and Wales with company number 02866133 whose registered office is at 7th Floor, Lacon House, 84 Theobald’s Road, London, WC1X 8NL.

11.2. By submitting an entry for the Competition, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by these Rules.

11.3. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the Rules at any time without prior notice and by participating in the Competition subsequent to any revision of the Rules you agree to be bound by such changed Rules. Any amendments to the Rules will be displayed on the Website. 

11.4. We reserve the right to refuse or disqualify entry into the Competition if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have breached any of these Rules. 

12. Definitions

12.1. In these Terms, the following words shall have the following meanings:
Advertiser means any registered company, limited liability partnership or registered charity which operates in the England, Scotland or Wales.

Artwork means the artwork for an advertisement to promote an Advertiser.

Competition means the Street Reach Challenge 2016 as described on the Website.

Competition Email Address means

Competition Terms mean these Street Reach Challenge 2016 Competition Terms.

Website means

StreetReach Advertising Format means the Streetliner artwork specifications available here for 13 Foot Streetliners (and for the avoidance of doubt, includes artwork specifications for 10 Foot Streetliners). Please note, the winning Artwork may be adjusted in accordance with regional Street Reach Advertising Format requirements.

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