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At Global we offer a range of additional services designed to help you with your campaign. From designing your artwork, to providing competitively priced printing, we offer a one-stop-shop for your advertising needs.

Copy Approval

Please see below for information on copy approval for advertising with Global. If you have any further questions, please contact Nigel McDonald on 020 7482 3000 or email

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to get my campaign creative approved prior to display?

Yes. In representing our numerous franchise partners - London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Bus and Tram companies – Global has a responsibility to vet campaign posters on their behalf prior to posting. All campaign posters designs are checked by the Customer Service and Franchise departments at Global, adhering to guidelines set by these partners and those of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in line with the British Code of Advertising Practice

What are Global's terms governing the acceptance of advertising?

Global reserves the right to refuse a poster design or creative without providing specific reasons. However, Global will endeavour to refer to the guidelines laid down by our franchise partners who include London Underground, London Buses and all of our other Bus, Rail and Tram franchises.

Where the poster design has given cause for concern, Global will offer recommendations to help bring the poster in line with the guidelines below. We actively encourage our clients, agencies and specialists to send us artwork in advance of production to avoid any costly re-prints.

Sales and Copy Policy

It is the policy of Global (UK) Limited and Global Metro Services Limited (“Global”) not to accept an advertisement for display on sites that they manage in the UK if in the opinion of Global the advertisement:

  • does not comply with applicable laws or incites anyone to break the law;
  • does not comply with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidance or the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising Practice (CAP Code);
  • does not comply with the standards of best practice set out in the Charter of the Outdoor Media Centre;
  • is likely to offend the general public or offend ethnic, religious or other community groups in a country within which Global does business;
  • might adversely affect the interest of the site owner or might result in Global being in breach of any of its contractual obligations to a site owner;
  • infers any connection with an individual or organisation or include any content that, on account of such connection or inclusion, could result in litigation against, or cause legal liability for, Global; or
  • in the case of digital media: i) poses a health and safety risk as a result of flickering or other visual imagery and therefore do not comply with the Ofcom Guidance Notes on Flashing Images and Regular Patterns in Television (re-issued on 25 July 2005); or ii) poses any risks to the Global IT systems; or iii) contains files that exceed the file size limits imposed by Global, or will place a disproportionately large burden on the system.

Please note:

To avoid last minute difficulties and the possibility of wasted production costs, Global is happy to advise on the likelihood of a poster's acceptability prior to the copy deadline.

It remains the advertiser's responsibility to ensure creative or advertisement copy does not breach copyright or other intellectual property rights. Licensed brand images and logos require the express permission of the owner before use. Global is not responsible for property rights or permissions. Use of London Underground logo or station logos can be used on the permission of TfL Group Marketing, Intellectual Property Department call 0207 222 5600 to find out more.

In the event of the rejection of copy, 'Slipping' or covering over portions of the poster in question will not be accepted as an alternative.

If you have any further questions, please contact Nigel McDonald on 020 7482 3000 or email

Please also refer to our legal section for further terms and conditions

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