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Reach More Of Your Audiences: at Global, we are passionate about engaging urban audiences. The unique characteristics of this audience make them invaluable to advertisers. We believe capturing the urban audience whilst they are out of home is the most effective medium to reach, influence and inspire these consumers. 

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Demographics of the urban audience

  • The UK’s top 25 urban areas cover only 2% of landmass but account for 62% of all income earned - £658 billion.
  • 55% of Britain's ABC1 workers
  • 47% of Britain’s full time workers
  • They are younger than the national average and have higher salaries (£35K vs £21K national average).

Characteristics of the urban audience

  • They are typically early adopters and open to trying new things.
  • They display wealthy urban spending patterns and are often in shopping mode. 
  • 49% are light TV viewers (under 20 hours a week)
  • Only 45% have listened to commercial radio in the last week 
  • Only 29% read a national newspaper.

Whilst these characteristics and demographics make them a hugely valuable audience, it also means that it can be costly to reach them using other media because they spend more time out of home due busy active lifestyles. See also Experiential Marketing.

BUT 87% of the urban audience have seen outdoor advertising in the last week.

Understanding the urban audience

At Global, we have invested in the insight tools to help you understand these urban audiences. Our work.shop.play audience panel means that we have a regular dialogue with over 10,000 member’s and gain exclusive insight into this valuable audience, and our London Worker Planner Tool is the only quantitative study of its kind to understand the London workers who are drawn to the capital to work, shop and play.

So whether you are looking to reach the urban audience locally, regionally or nationally we can help you understand your audience and offer you the advertising solution allowing you to engage with them. See all our latest and greatest campaigns.

Source: TGI, ONS

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Urban audience

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