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Fashion and Beauty on Bus

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Fashion and Beauty on London Underground

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Fashion and Beauty on Tram

Out-of-Home advertising for the Health and Beauty Sector

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As a leading Out-of-Home (OOH) media owner in the UK, we allow brands to engage with valuable audiences on the move.

Whether you’re promoting the latest season launch, fashion accessories or beauty trend, Exterion Media builds brand fame and targets your offering to the fashion and beauty conscious.

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Proving the effectiveness

If you are driving brand awareness or promoting a new brand, Exterion media can help deliver your message to your audience.

Fashion and beauty conscious people are;

  • 21% more likely to see National Rail advertising in the past week
  • 30% more likely to see advertising on the London Underground in the past week
  • We reach 5.7 million people that see Bus advertising every week

Source: TGI,

See how our award-winning insight community provides us with a unique glimpse into the lives and styles of the urban audience.

Our Urban Runway Brochure provides invaluable insight around the changing attitudes and behaviours of the urban audience when it comes to fashion, beauty and everything in between.

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Exterion Media - Our Studies

We invest heavily in audience research and insight tools to drive a better understanding of how OOH advertising will generate ROI for advertisers.

Check out some of our latest case studies;

A leading lip and skin care brand wanted to inspire and drive brand awareness for their lip balm in London while also sending the message that the products is cool, innovative  and sassy. 95% of females who recalled the ads intend to interact with the brand in some way (vs. 16% who did not recall).

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A successful high street fashion retailer, wanted to raise brand awareness and drive footfall to stores in key cities throughout the UK. 67% of those who recalled the Bus ads agree that these ads caught their attention.

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Dior retail advertising

Our key media opportunities are centred around enabling brands to engage with our valuable urban audiences. 

In the UK, we have nationwide coverage across all regions with local account management teams trained to deliver your advertising solution across a unique media network, which is local, regional or national.

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