Behavioural Change in the Public & Pro-Social Sector

The team's role is to help you to achieve your goals by changing behaviour in the Public Sector, including Health, Education and Charities.

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Karen Landles - Behavioural Insight Director

At Exterion Media, Karen is on the EM Environmental Working Group, as well as mentors and trains NFP's extensively. She has recently been delivering training for the University of Greenwich Business School, including coaching business start ups there.

Outside Exterion Media, Karen is on the executive board of a responsible business think tank and Camden Climate Alliance, a Trustee of Enhance UK, Treasurer of a local nursery (a charity) and spends a lot of her time actively fundraising.

Karen Landles 

The team's work is to:-

  • Focus on developing partnerships with the various sectors, enabling us to share learnings, insight and evidence as well as delivering added value with and for our clients
  • Have a particular focus on reaching and engaging more challenging audiences - including health, community cohesion, charities, local authorities, education and economic development
  • Share a wide range of case studies that demonstrate campaign success across all of these sectors

If there is anything you particularly want to hear or find out about, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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