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Do you want to increase funding?

We know this is a challenging time for everyone in the not for profit and social enterprise sectors.

The ongoing need for continued delivery of care support during times of funding cuts, and increased scrutiny of revenue streams, presents tough times for the best of us.

That is why we, as the Behavioural Insight team at Exterion Media, we have been looking for ways to partner with you and help face these challenges and increase your funding.

More than ever, evidence of success and insight that can help improve your business strategy are crucial.

As a large, multi-national company, we have access to a range of research tools that we can use on your behalf.

Our award winning consumer panel,, our wide range of research resources, and access to an internationally known behavioural change company, can provide you with the resources you need to do more with less.


We can help our partners delve deeper into their target market through our panel. Recently, we made a commitment to research donation activity.

Did you know:

• London has the highest level of donors in the UK
• 41% donate fairly often
• Using a mobile to donate is more successful than traditional method


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Insight into direct mail

Direct mail continues to deliver donations for charities. However, there is a need to find new audiences through more welcoming, rather than intrusive means.

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  • Combining Out-of-Home with direct mail activity can be a powerful media pairing in the quest to win more support for your cause. The effect can be to accelerate the impact of the message by reaching people in their public space when out of the home, and to re-enforce and remind at a personal level when recipients receive direct mail.

    WaterAid recently launched its To be a girl fundraising campaign by unveiling a series of impactful adverts on over 3,000 buses throughout the UK and reaching an audience of over 30 million people (Source: BUSADS). WaterAid's adverts, in the style of a fairytale, highlighted what life is like for millions of girls around the world who have no access to clean water.

    The fundraising target was £1m, plus match funding - as a result of the campaign, the total raised was over £2m, coming from nearly 75,000 gifts.

    Bus advertising provided WaterAid an opportunity to launch a highly recognisable campaign and delivered alongside other activities such as direct mail, it can enable the message to be more directly absorbed into the mindsets of consumers.  

    Further findings from the campaign are highlighted below:-

    • There was an increase in gifts coming from new supporters, with 59% of gifts coming from cold donors.

    • WaterAid saw a significant increase in online donations, with 36% making donations online.    

    • 82% of those donating online were from new supporters.

    • The success of online donations would suggest that the Bus advertising was highly effective.

    • Overall awareness increased particularly amongst the 35+ age group and the over 55s.

    • Due to the Bus advertising, there was more of a presence amongst supporters outside of London.

    Exterion Media were delighted to be involved with WaterAid's To be a girl campaign. Bus is the perfect platform to broadcast a charitable message, grab attention and raise awareness on a local, regional or national scale.

  • Charities and Bus Advertising

    With increasing pressure on people's time and pockets and so many issues to raise awareness of; getting the message out to the right people on a regular basis is crucial.

    By combining Outdoor with their direct mail activities, Human Appeal International have seen a phenomenal growth and uplift in donations following a campaign on buses, rail and the London Underground.

    Zahid Rehman, Media & Marketing Manager at Human Appeal said: "The Outdoor exposure has been great, it has allowed us to focus on pretty much painting towns and cities purple! We are on track to hit £15 million this year. May this continue!"

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