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At Exterion Media we understand that a campaign is about more than a media channel. To keep ahead in an increasingly competitive market, understanding local communities in all their diversity is important to us and locally our media products reach parents, students, ethnic groups and employers like no-one else.

We continue to invest in our insight tools, which help advertisers delve deeper into their target market and understand how advertising on our media will generate maximum value for money. We also offer primary research inclusive campaigns, giving you new insights to maximise the effectiveness of promoting open days and other events across the year.

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While universities have used Exterion Media extensively to drive recruitment of students, public transport is also the perfect vehicle to reach business investors in the City or in any of our regional capitals.

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  • We're here to help

    With an increasing number of places available in further education, many of our education clients are looking at reaching out to a broader audience of potential students to enrol in the new academic year. At this time when education is so crucial in our economic fight-back, we are talking to more colleges about their enrolment campaigns.

    Direct out-of-home communications represent a highly cost-effective way to influence the behaviour of thousands of people. We work with many education clients across a range as broad as adult learning for older audiences to local authority children’s centres, from universities and colleges to schools. We are your cost-effective, one-stop shop, for a no hassle enrolment advertising campaign.

    Bus advertising was seen as being more impactful than other media

    Our shared ideas, stories, evidence of success and the opportunity to evaluate campaigns independently are all part of our commitment to help you keep driving efficiencies and delivering better value for your enrolment campaigns.

    The findings below, taken from a recent independent evaluation of a recent campaign for a university, show that bus advertising can have a positive impact on feelings toward a university.

    •In the past week, 77% of people who expect to start university see advertising on the outside of a Bus

    •More Londoners are interested in studying in the next 12 months

    •Those who have seen bus advertising are more likely to view a university more positively than those who have not

  • While any advertising has the potential to improve your brand, a major part of properly marketing your educational establishment is to dig deeper and uncover the true outcome of your campaign.

    A college client commissioned us to ask a set of questions to assess their reputation in a number of areas - including facility standards, academic reputation and curriculum choices in comparison with other colleges in the area. The survey also asked respondents about their awareness of the advertising campaign.

    The Challenge

    We asked respondents about their awareness of adverts by the sector and their views of different advertising.

    The Campaign

    The Out-of-Home campaign could be seen on a variety of Bus formats (Lower Rears, Mega Rears, T-Sides and Supersides), and in London Underground stations on 4-sheets and Ticket Barriers.

    The Results

    More than half (58%) of respondents had seen adverts from a college in the past 6 months. This suggests that there is a competitive further education market with highly visible campaigns. We asked them where they had seen the adverts and the most common mentioned was Bus - at 63 per cent.

    Other key findings:-

    • 1 in 3 see standard of teaching as the most important factor for choosing the college

    • 51% of people had seen the Ticket Barriers in the London Underground

    • 45% had seen them on 4 Sheets in London Underground stations

    • The high number of mentions seeing advertising on buses suggests that this is an effective media channel to achieve large coverage quickly
  • Colleges and National Rail advertising

    The aim of the campaign was to try and reach a national audience in both urban and rural areas that may have an interest in venturing into graphic design from sixth form and to target people of any age looking for a career change.

    Did the campaign work?

    The campaign worked and up to 100 enquiries about the course was received, with many people mentioning that they had seen the campaign on the Tyne & Wear Metro and Merseyrail. The campaign was instrumental in helping Shillington College to fill all course places.

    Based on value for money, National Rail was a far better option than Press in terms of cost and audience reached.

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