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Why choose First Bus?

Covering all UK urban areas, First Bus is one of the largest bus operators within the UK, by operating in a huge number of communities, including 30 of the country’s largest towns and cities. They operate 1 in 5 local buses. They consist of a fleet of over 9,100 buses. Over 1.4m have seen bus advertising within the last week in Manchester and local areas of Rochdale, St Helens, Stockport, Warrington and Wigan.

How we can save you money.

Here at Global we are the premier advertising company and we manage all of First Groups bus advertisement in Manchester – see our logo on their site.

Costs for advertising with First Bus

As the trusted partner of First Bus and the main provider of Bus advertising in the UK, Global has the ability to provide a campaign tailored to your exact requirements . For a quote please call 0800 80 85 619. Alternatively, submit a contact form or use our online chat portal to speak to one of our advertising experts. 

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A Cure for Wellness campaign on First Bus with Exterion Media

Advertise on First Group Buses: What would your advert look like?

First Group offer an array of outdoor bus advertising formats, from big eye catching visuals, to smaller, alerting campaigns. Buses have a fantastic scope for eye catching designs – browse our other formats mega rears, T-sides, supersides and streetliners.

74% of passengers have noticed bus advertising in the last week – make your business catch the eye of locals in Manchester and book with Global. Contact us.

Be inspired and use our visualiser tool to see what your ad campaign can look like on one of First Group buses.

Bristol Rugby campaign on First Bus with Exterion Media

Our unrivaled audience insight puts data at the heart of your campaign

We invest heavily in research and our own insight tools to drive a better understanding of how advertising on our media will generate maximum value for advertisers. Through analysis of existing industry research and the commissioning of dedicated studies and insight tools, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of our media, its role in the broader advertising landscape and their consumers. North West case studies.

Global can easily plan anything from a small out of home campaign to a multi million pound advertising campaign. See: Flexible solutions.

Global offers the complete range of creative solutions for local Manchester or nationwide campaign. We can design your artwork and provide very competitively priced printing.

First Group are one of Global’s main bus partnerships within the UK. For more information on First Group Buses, visit: Over 2 million passengers travelling on First Group buses each day in over 30 cities, including:

  • Aberdeen, Berkshire, Bradford, Bristol, Bath, Chester, Cornwall, Dorset, Essex, Huddersfield, Fareham, Leeds, London, Leicester, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Staffordshire, Suffolk.

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