Bus Advertising Options

74% of Edinburgh’s residents have seen bus advertising this week!

Use our visualiser tool to see what your ad could look like on a bus.

All of our adverts are printed to the highest standard with the best quality materials.

Bus exterior advertising will be seen by those waiting for their bus as well as pedestrians on the street. (See also rail advertising options.)

Exterior Advertising

  • T-sides – most popular option across the UK
  • Supersides – covers one full side of the bus, including the windows
  • Streetliners – single-decker, passenger facing billboards
  • Bus Rear – back of bus advertising targeting drivers and vehicle passengers
  • Mega rear - available for both single and double decker buses .The advert covers the entire rear of the bus, including the rear bumper and side panels. Size 2500mm x 2900mm
  • Full wrapped - premium bus advertising covering the whole bus
  • Super Squares - bus from the floor to the roof, including over the bonded window. Size: 2080mm x 2400mm

Bus advertising partners in Edinburgh

Bus Interior Advertising

Advertising on bus interiors is a great strategy:  bus loads of passengers every day are a captive audience.

An interior bus advertising campaign capitalises on the thousands of passengers who travel every day.

Daily commuters will potentially see your advert every day. Repeated consumer exposure is great for brand awareness.

86% of people can recall a Bus advert they’ve seen.

Our research has shown that interior bus ads are incredibly effective in targeting your potential customers.

Advertise with Exterion Media and get your message out to the whole of Edinburgh.

We have created premium bus advertising campaigns for high profile clients like Museum of Scotland, Vauxhall Cars and Just Eat.

See also Location Based Advertising.

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