Highly Effective Bus Advertising

"By going direct to the UK's main provider your business can expect more ad space and more campaign exposure per £ pound spend than using any other agency."

Expand your brand’s visibility with Bus Advertising

over half the adult population have seen advertising on the side of a bus in the last week

  • There are over 700 buses based in Edinburgh
  • 470,000 in Edinburgh regularly travel by Bus
  • 68% of Edinburgh’s residents have seen bus advertising this week
  • Lothian Buses operate over 50 day bus routes

There are so many options to choose from making bus advertising one of the most cost-effective and accessible advertising strategies available.

Outdoor Advertising is flexible and can be easily tailored to reach a specific target audience based on their travelling habits.

Exterion Media offer a range of bus formats for all marketing budgets. Have a look at our weekly media rates to see just how affordable our prices are.  

We have advertised for hit shows like The Expendables and Singing in the Rain as well as high profile clients like BP, Sky and Asda.

Exterion Media - Edinburgh Local Bus Advertising - Cirque du soleil

We can advertise your business on all of these bus companies and all of their routes

We have an exclusive contract with Lothian Buses the main bus operator in Edinburgh as well as many other bus and coach operators such as: Edinburgh Bus Tours, Edinburgh Coach Lines, E & M Horsburgh, First in Scotland East, Borders Buses, Megabus, National Express, Scottish Citylink.

Turn your business into a recognized brand in your local area

350 buses travel down Princes Street in Edinburgh every hour.

As an SME your target market is much more local. Outdoor advertising is perfect as it targets consumers on the move in public places.

Make the most of your marketing budget by investing in prime advertising space – on the side of a bus!

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