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Glasgow subway Advertising

Glasgow’s subway Advertising in partnership with SPT

Glasgow’s subway offers a unique environment and an engaged captive audience to reach passengers and enhance customer experiences

  • SPT: 33 million journeys across Glasgow in 2016/7 *

On 1st April 2017 Exterion Media has been chosen as SPT’s advertising / media manger. This means we control and sell the entire SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) outdoor advertising inventory. This includes both Glasgow’s subway and SPTs bus network.

 “After what has been a highly competitive tender process, we are delighted to announce Exterion Media as our new media partner. EM already has impressive credentials in Scotland and demonstrated an ambitious vision for the Glasgow Subway.”

Eric Stewart, Assistant Chief Executive (Operations) SPT

See SPT appoints Exterion Media for Glasgow Subway and bus operations advertising.

What does this mean to my business?

Joined up passenger experience, buses and subway:  our partnership with SPT underpins EM’s ongoing investment in Scotland, and allows us to break new ground in connecting advertisers with the Scottish audience through a joined up passenger experience.

Creative and innovative solutions: we can offer our clients creative and innovative solutions that can target their brand advertising to the right audience in small and large scale formats.

Cost savings and better budget control: with no middlemen or outside agencies taking a commission we can help save Glasgow businesses looking to capitalise on SPT’s advertising inventory.

Reach a large audience of commuters, travelers & shoppers

There are numerous options to choose from: posters in Subway and SPT bus stations, adverts on escalators and gates, as well as high-definition projections and direct marketing facilities. Advertising on the Subway and at Buchanan Bus Station is managed for SPT by Exterion Media. Contact Gillian Godsell on 07966 564101 or email for details and rates.

Contact Exterion Media

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* These Figures are based on:

  • Subway Patronage of 13m annually.
  • Bus Stations (all) Patronage 14.5m per annually.
  • Park & Ride use 270k people annually.
  • SPT Supported Services (subsidised by SPT) patronage 5.6m annually.

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