Advertising in Brighton

Bus advertising in Brighton

Brighton is a growing city located on South Coast of England and most listed as one of five ‘super cities for the future’. Brighton has all the essential attractions including a laid-back beach life, superb shopping and is just 45 minutes from central London. 

The city is infused with popular festivals and the world famous Brighton Beach attracting mass amounts of tourists from across the nation each year, bringing in significant economic revenue for the tourism industry.  The young and vibrant city attracts thousands of students to relocate to study at Brighton University; a thriving and multi-campus university with over 21,000 students. 

 (Sources: Visit Brighton, Census 2011). 

Brighton Audience

Brighton has a growing population of over 160,000 people.  The youthful city with 37% of their population aged 15-34 years has a fashionable but funky culture.  Residents are economically driven with 47% of the population in employment and 53% with home ownership; illustrating they are financially stable.   

They are very affluent with 63% of residents being ABC1 and are up to date with technology as there is 68% of the population using smartphones for research, eating out, shopping, exploring and travelling - demonstrating that their consumption patterns can be influenced by advertising on the second screen driving to online.  Brighton have a great selection of bars and restaurants, where 69% of the population like to go out for a drink or meal

 (Sources:  Experian, TGI). 

Why Advertise with Exterion Media in Brighton

Bus advertising in Brighton

Exterion Media have a significant portfolio in Brighton which provides the most effective way of advertising to this valuable audience. Including;

  • Bus Advertising on the city’s largest Bus fleets- Compass Travel and Go-Ahead Group

Advertising with Exterion Media delivers far wider coverage than Press and Radio and enables businesses to engage the urban audience on the move.

  • 62% have seen Bus advertising in the past week – They’re everywhere!
  • Only 21% read The Argus and just 9% regularly listen to the Breeze Radio Station

(Sources: TGI)

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