Advertising in Portsmouth

Bus Advertising in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is located on the south coast of England and is a dynamic and vibrant waterfront city, with towering world-class visitor attractions including their live music venues, two cathedrals, nightclubs, events and festivals. It is home to the well-known professional Portsmouth Football team referred to as "Pompey" who play their home games at Fratton Park Football Stadium attracting sporting tourists from across the region. The young and vibrant city attracts thousands of students to relocate to study at Portsmouth University, a thriving university with 22,000 students.  

(Sources:  University of Portsmouth, Visit Portsmouth, Portsmouthfc)

Portsmouth Audience

Portsmouth population currently stands at 205,400 and is the only city in the UK with a greater population density than London. This equates to 5,100 people living in every square kilometre. Residents are highly affluent with 63% classed as ABC1 demographic42% have full time employment, this equates to 89,000 people. In this city 44% of houses are owner occupied showing financial stability and wealth are significant. Portsmouth is a predominantly white city in terms of ethnicity, as 90% of the population belonging to this ethnic group. 

(Sources:  Experian, TGI). 

Why Advertise with Exterion Media in Portsmouth

Bus Advertising in Portsmouth

Exterion Media have a dominant portfolio in Portsmouth which provides the most effective way of advertising to this valuable audience. 

  • Bus Advertising on First Hants & Dorset Fleet
  • Bus Advertising on Stagecoach South (Coastline)

Advertising with Exterion Media delivers far wider coverage than other traditional media and allows businesses to engage the urban audience while they are out and about on their day to day journeys.

  • 53% have seen Bus advertising in the past week
  • 85% of Portsmouth audience have not read a regional daily newspaper in the past year
  • 6% of Portsmouth audience are heavy radio listeners 
(Sources:  TGI)

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