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Cardiff, Wales’ Capital city, with a population of 350,000, offers a range of unique attractions, entertainment and quality shopping, making Cardiff a valuable city for businesses to advertise and promote their brands.

If you are looking to establish and grow your brand in Cardiff, Exterion Media provides unparalleled coverage to 50% of the Cardiff audience on a weekly basis. (Source TGI)

Cardiff Audience

Cardiff is a city proud of its culture, history and language which has progressed into a world leading port and with the major development of the Cardiff Bay area, now offers entertainment for everyone. Its residents are educated and live in urban neighbourhoods, family orientated, aged 25 to 40 with established families living upmarket lifestyles.

The people who are out-of-home most in Cardiff are those advertisers want to reach: 73% own or buying their home, 54% are ABC1, more likely to be employed at manager or director level and they don't try to avoid advertising on our media.

The city also boasts a great shopping experience, with 1 in 3 being aged 15-34 advertisers benefit from targeting these high spending consumers.

(Source: Experian, TGI)

Why use Exterion Media in Cardiff?

Exterion Media has an exciting portfolio in Cardiff which provides the most effective way of advertising to this valuable audience.  Choose from;

  • Bus Advertising on the city’s largest and only Bus fleet- Cardiff City Transport
  • National Rail advertising at all Arriva Trains Wales stations     

  • Experiential Marketing - Create memorable experiences that engage the right audience at the right time. Experiential sites in Cardiff and across the UK - read more about Exterion Live 

Advertising with Exterion Media delivers far wider coverage than Press and Radio and enables businesses to engage the urban audience on the move.

  • The average bus covers 700 miles every week – They’re everywhere

  • Nearly 50% have seen Bus advertising in the last week – Buses go where people go!

  • 1 in 3 travel by Rail. – Your ticket to a first class audience!

  • 11.9 million passengers travelled through Cardiff Central last year.  – Making sure your business is seen and remembered

  • Only 12% read the South Wales Echo and 18% listen to Capital South Wales each week!


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