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Outdoor media formats that help to grow your SME business

Exterion Media is one of the largest Outdoor media owners in the UK. There are various formats that you can choose from with some being aimed specifically at pedestrians, whilst others offers are for motorists. View previous campaigns in Yorkshire.

Route planning will enable you to reach your specific audience whilst having campaigns that are locally focused to Leeds.  

Place your brand identity in the spotlight with superside formats

Choosing a superside format will instantly demand attention from pedestrians as they are faced towards pavements, focusing on shoppers and commuters who are walking up and down Leeds streets every day. Prices and costs.

A superside format is made up of four sheets and is placed above eye-level so your campaigns can be seen both up-close and from a distance, acting as a megaphone for your brand. Contact us today.

Mango Wrapped Bus

Engage motorists face-to-face with mega/super rear adverts

Mega rears are one of the most popular choices of formats for bus advertising as they offer maximum exposure to pedestrians and motorists due to their scale, impact and size. Contravision technology will even allow your campaigns to cover the windows giving your advert maximum potential.

Prices start from £327.50 PW*

Use our visualiser tool to get an idea of what your ad could potentially look like.

An effective billboard on wheels with streetliner templates

The streetliner format is most commonly chosen due to its cost-effective, yet results driven qualities. Advertising using a streetliner acts as a highly targeted and high frequency method that connects to your audience in Leeds. Find out about bus advertising.

For example, one individual travelling to work on the same route could be exposed to your campaigns over 40 times in one month, meaning they'll more likely remember your advert over others.

Prices begin at £100 PW*

Connect to your urban audience with T-Side formats

Statistics show that 75% of commuters prefer travelling on a bus that has adverts. T-side adverts offer Leeds buses the most premium forms of coverage and can also offer your business awareness and recognition.

Prices from £335 PW*

This layout offers you the ideal format if you're looking to plan an eye-grabbing headline that promotes a new product or service to your target urban audience.

Please call us on 0800 80 85 619 for more information about prices, formats and campaigns.

*Minimum 16 week period, terms & conditions apply. Please note EM cannot guarantee advertising on specific local routes will be available at any given time, however we can guarantee your advert will reach the right local audience. 

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