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Out-of-home media owner Exterion Media are responsible for 95% of the media opportunities on buses in Yorkshire. 350,000 people in Leeds travel by bus!

Your adverts, your brand, your corporate identity or message combine with high impact adverts targeting the right audience

Here at Exterion Media, we are the leading supplier of bus advertising in Leeds.  Yorkshire based SME advertisers that choose digital OOH or outdoor promotions that have the ability to create campaigns that engages their target audience whilst on the move. See formats.

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Strong ad inventory and sourcing capabilities and buying flexibility

Why could your company use out-of-home media?

Outdoor advertising has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people and this is why so many SME businesses in the area are choosing this option as a means of marketing. Contact us.

Who will bus/rail advertising reach in Leeds?

  • 76% of commuters
  • 75% young people (18-24)
  • 77% of families

Reach 60% of Leeds population with bus advertising

350,000 people in Leeds travel by bus on a weekly basis, making it the most used form of transport in the area. This will give your brand the opportunity to reach Leeds populated city centre on a regular basis.

Leeds Bus Station has over 35 bus operators going in and out of the station every day meaning your corporate identity could be seen on one of the following fleets:

EM have a host of Leeds based clients that include both large and small businesses. Call now‎ on 0800 80 85 619 you would be surprised on how far your ad budget could go. Costs.

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