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Advertising campaigns across Yorkshire's largest business centre - Leeds

As the third biggest city in the UK, and the second largest centre for business and financial services, Leeds has a thriving economy and is the leading business centre of Yorkshire, giving it a perfect target audience for clients to communicate with. Exterion Media is one of the UK's largest Out-of-home media owners and offer a range of outdoor advertising solutions including experiential advertising.

“If you want to create effective campaigns that target ABC1 commuters on a repeat daily basis then Leeds is perfect.”

Attracting the right customer with effective OOH advertising

Leeds is well known for supporting SME businesses with an estimated 59% or the work force employed by small or medium businesses.

Leeds is a hub for business and as a result it is an affluent area over indexing on ABC1s when compared to the rest of the UK. This affluent, professional audience has more disposable income and a greater smartphone ownership, making them more connected consumers.

Local or geo-fenced OOH advertising can connect your outreach campaigns across the whole county including Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Kirklees etc. See: We know Yorkshire.

Leeds City Region launches £600,000 SME growth service - Yorkshire Post

Why build or promote your Brand with a more effective reach through EM OOH Leeds?

350,000 of Leeds population regularly travel by bus and 43% travel by rail. 24% of that 43% are more likely to be a part of the ABC1 category, giving you the ideal location to target a first class audience. 

Leeds bus Advertising | Leeds rail advertising

There are also various company headquarters based in Leeds, including the likes of Asda Stores Limited, Yorkshire Bank, First Direct and Northern Gas Networks.  There are also various national and international banks based in Leeds City Centre.  Read more.

In addition to being the North's business hub, it is also Yorkshire's top tourist destination.

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