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Leeds provides our clients with digital out-of-home advertising solutions able to target a younger audience with those in the city being 43% more likely to be aged 20-24 than other cities and 12% more likely to be aged 25-34. These age groups are early adopters of technology and are the first to try new products and services. Moreover they’re hyper connected, sharing content and opinions at the touch of a button making them excellent brand ambassadors, and respondents to creative campaigns.

This young population is likely the result of the strong student population, with Leeds hosting both the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University.

As Leeds is Yorkshire's local business hub, it has resulted in over-indexing of ABC1's when being compared to the demographics of the rest of the UK.  The professional audience in Leeds has a more disposable income with greater levels of smartphone ownership, making them more likely to be connected customers.

The idea of local advertising in Leeds is important for SME businesses as it allows them to target motivated consumers that are keen to support their local/regional businesses.

Top occupations of affluent commuters in Leeds:

  • Professional 18.5%
  • Associate professional & technical 13.1%
  • Administrative and secretarial 12%
  • Sales & customer service 9.5%
  • Managers, directors & senior officials 9%

Ref:  Leeds Census Demographics United Kingdom

If you're looking to grow your business presence in Leeds, Exterion Media can offer your campaign coverage to 60% of Leeds' dynamic audience on a weekly basis.

Create a campaign in one of the busiest stations in the UK

43% of commuters travel by rail, but 24% of those are in the ABC1 category, giving you the perfect opportunity to target your local audience. Read more.

Leeds is also home to one of the top 10 busiest train stations in the UK - Leeds Station. Since 2005, this has increased by over 65% and is further increasing. A great place for advertisement placement.

Ref: Leeds Population Projections

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