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Market leader in Outdoor advertising on rail and bus

We are the market leader in advertising on rail and bus public transport networks across all of Bradford and the surrounding West Yorkshire areas including Shipley and Pudsey. Our client base includes household names, large corporate and a host of smaller SME Yorkshire based companies just like yours.  

We have local offices in Manchester that cover all of Yorkshire.

More advertising for your money

Want to attract more customers?

What we can offer businesses large and small

  1. We can reduce your ad spend as we have more bus and train partnerships than any agency in the UK. Exterion Media delivers advertising on more than 36,000 buses. More.
  2. We have access to more travel, transport and commuter audience data that is not available to other agencies. At Exterion Media, insight is well and truly at the heart of our business. More.
  3. We are truly local with offices all over the country. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

Save money: benefit from going straight to the source

Heard it all before? OK let me explain.
First Bus Bradford has 17 bus routes travelling all around this exciting city. 

Whether you want to explore the BRadford's National Media Museum, or take the X6 bus to the buzzing city centre of Leeds, First Bus dominate local bus travel in Bradford.

Click on this link. You will see "Exterion Media manage the advertising for all of our buses both inside and out." We have the contract to sell advertising on behalf of ALL First Buses. 

If you want to advertise on the rear or side of one of these buses then the advertising has to be purchased through Exterion Media. It is a fact.

Why pay twice? If you are using an agency or media buyer then you are paying their profit. Smart buyers come direct to EM.

Better audience data: valuable urban audiences on the move 

It makes sense that if you know where your audience are then you can more easily connect them to your brand with effective OOH advertising. Our investment in data and audience insight means we have an unparalleled understanding of urban audiences.

Call 0800 808 5619 today and find out more on how OOH advertising can drive your business forward.

For case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of OOH advertising, click here

First Bus Bradford

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