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Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions take posters beyond the frame and push the boundaries in Out of Home advertising to create unique and memorable experiences. Whether that is combining digital and traditional sites into one stunning execution, dominating an entire station or area, or creating an immersive visual brand experience, we provide true stand out and recognition for any advertiser. 


These opportunities can be selected to target the right audience, in the right mindset and in the right environment, the combination of which drives interaction and conversation. Our advertising opportunities will deliver an experience to the willing London audience in a way that is both unmissable and engaging.

  • Our Creative Solutions team can offer you a range bespoke advertising solutions that are specifically tailored to your brand. Here are a few examples showcasing some of the opportunities available to advertisers. 

    Wrapped Bus

    Illuminated T-Side

    Exterion Media Bus Advertising

    Station Domination

    Exterion Media Creative Solutions Digital

    Westfield Wrapped Entrance Landmark

    Exterion Media Creative Solutions Westfield Entrance Landmark


    Exterion Media Creative Solutions Waterloo

    Wrapped Tram

    Wrapped tram with advertising

  • Contact out team to discuss the latest London Icon collection - our hand-picked selection of our most prestigious iconic advertising opportunities providing the best audience, in the best locations with the best quality displays. Or contact our team to discuss the wide array of options available to you.

  • London Underground




Exterion Live by Exterion Media - Experiential Advertising

Exterion Live - Our new experiential marketing platform

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