Canary Wharf Icons

Canary Wharf Icons are large, high-impact premium products across London. They include Routemaster wrapped buses and Canary Wharf premium screens, with more Icons planned to launch across the Transport for London (TfL) Rail Estate over the next few years.



Our first Canary Wharf Icon launched in October 2016, with two 7.2m x 4m, double-sided premium digital media displays inside Canary Wharf Tube station. These are the largest screens ever to launch on the Tube.
At the heart of the financial district, Canary Wharf is surrounded by 17 million square feet of office and retail space. It attracts consumers from all corners of London - particularly Waterloo, Stratford and London Bridge. Through targeted broadcast messaging you can reach the right audience, at the right time, at scale. A great example of an advertiser doing just this is Sixt, with their Canary Wharf domination .

The Station

Canary Wharf station has seen a 24% rise in footfall since 2008 and is the 2nd busiest Tube station outside Zone 1.

Canary Wharf Workers

Canary Wharf Icons audience stats - Exterion Media

See: Canary Wharf workforce quadruples in a decade | Financial Times
Canary Wharf workforce quadruples in a decade | Financial Times

The Screens

Full-motion advertising, with a 10/60 second loop length - allows advertisers to use impactful TV and online video creative.

Dynamic capabilities - Alter your creative based on conditions such as the weather, the economy or current affairs to make it more relevant to your target audience.

Double sided - Reach consumers whether they’re entering or exiting the station. 

Other Screen choices  - D3, D6, D12.



Iconic new Routemaster buses spend 70% of their time in Central London, ensuring high levels of coverage for your campaign.

Routemaster Wrapped Buses are a proven, effective method of broadcasting a large visual creative to a concentrated Central London audience. They are a huge creative canvas for brands, and can be enhanced with special paint finishes, lenticulars or twinkly lights - ensuring even greater standout.

Please take a look at our wrapped Routemaster case study

Bus audience

Canary Wharf Icons, Average Personal Income stats - Exterion Media

Canary Wharf Icons, Effective Advertising Stats - Exterion Media

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