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London’s newest full-motion digital channel


With a Greater London population of 14 million, London is a melting pot of people, cultures and ideas. Ranked No. 1 in the world as the most innovative city, what better place to launch our new full-motion network: DX3.

DX3: London's newest full-motion digital network
[Eurostat, GLA Economics, PWC]


DX3: London's newest full-motion digital network

By the end of February, there will be 60 of these full motion, dynamic displays across 15 stations. Focused on Zone 1 stations, we have pinpointed the exact locations through a wealth of data and research to make it the most targeted, premium, digital network in London.

With an annual footfall of 688 million and 5.1 million fortnightly impressions, DX3 is the perfect, premium platform to reach your brand’s target consumers through unrivalled immediacy and flexible, dynamic messaging.
688m annual footfall, 5.1m fortnightly impressions, 870,000 fortnightly reach. DX3 by Exterion Media

[Source: Route, TfL]

This 4.5m x 2.4m digital cross track display is a positive disruption to the everyday commute. Not only can you give your campaign scale and reach, with DX3 you can engage with the audience like never before.

Attention levels increased by 40%, 93% feel positive towards LU advertising. DX3 by Exterion Media
[Source: Engagement Zone]

Perfect for targeting an upmarket, young, light TV audience

With Londoners spending more time OOH than the rest of the UK, DX3 is the perfect channel to target this hard to reach, affluent, light TV audience. This is an audience that you will want to engage with: The DX3 audience spend more on clothes, love going to the cinema, and are affluent young professionals. Whatever your product, this audience is open to influence.

Through our extensive data sources and insights we are able to dive deep into our understanding of the DX3 audience, so you can plan and deliver smarter, more efficient campaigns.

Audience stats for DX3 advertising - by Exterion Media

[Source: TGI, Route, Telefonica, ONS]

Engage with audiences in new and creative ways, contact us today to learn more about DX3.

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