Digital Ribbons & DEPs


Digital Ribbons - London Underground's latest full-motion, creative channel

Brands are competing harder than ever for consumers’ attention and need a befitting canvas to showcase their standout campaigns. Digital Ribbons deliver creativity in full-motion, allowing brands to attract and engage consumers on a new scale.  

With this ultra HD, dynamically-enabled product, brands can connect with a highly-valuable, engaged and captive audience across the iconic London Underground. Research from our Engagement Zone 2.0 study shows that full-motion video is in fact 4x more engaging than static.

Digital Ribbon screens on the LU with Power of Full-Motion logo- Exterion Media

Digital Ribbon screens on the LU - Exterion Media

The three launch stations from January 2019:

Digital Ribbons will launch across three key stations in January 2019

DEP Upgrade

By October 2019, we will have upgraded all 16 of our London Underground DEPs, which will become ultra HD and dynamically capable - in line with the rest of our digital estate. Keep a look out – the first new screens are launching December 2018!


The new Digital Ribbon sites have been optimised for maximum engagement and dwell time, and by the end of Q1 there will be Digital Ribbons in three locations and new DEPs in seven locations.

Digital Ribbons and DEPs locations have been chosen for optimum engagement

To hear more about these exciting products and the power of full motion, simply call 0800 80 85 619 , use our online chat function or fill in the contact form.

View the production specs for the Ribbons and DEP platforms below

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