Exterion Live

Exterion Live is our new experiential marketing product, committed to delivering shareable and memorable experiences that engage the right people at the right time.

By combining our OOH offerings with experiential activity, you can get more out of your campaign:

•  Directly reach out and engage with your audience through on-site staff.

•  Supplement creative solutions with standout productions, pop-ups, ambience and/or free giveaways.

•  Add experiential campaigns to digital OOH campaigns for contextual messaging opportunities.


We’re on a mission to make advertising more enjoyable for all, and more rewarding for our clients. We deliver 360 solutions which take care of everything from location strategy and concept, all the way through to delivery - maximising your return on investment while ensuring your message resonates deeper.

Go to the Exterion Live Portal here.

Why Exterion Live?

No other marketing channel provides brands with the opportunity to truly engage with audiences and tap into the power of experience. Using our pioneering research and measurement strategy, we can understand our urban audiences attitudes and behaviours.

(Source: Event Track 2015)

The five ways Exterion Live can create experiences

1. Experiential Marketing – bringing your brand to life in its own predefined space.

2. Sampling and Distribution – put your brand in hand and trial your product. We can deliver highly impactful sampling activations to any scale or budget.

3. Pop-up Retail – create exciting stand-out pop-up shops and sell your product to consumers as they pass by. This offers the opportunity for brands to effectively measure their campaign through direct sales.

4. Ambient – create attention-grabbing ambient campaigns. This can include wall projections, bespoke lighting and/or sound to engage and surprise your audience.

5. Production – we’ll help you deliver campaigns with large props and similar collateral, creating a standout landmark for your brand. We focus on innovative technology and social amplification, helping to create experiences that are original, engaging, on-trend and social.

Visit the Exterion Live Portal here.

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