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National Rail Advertising

Exterion Media’s Rail advertising opportunities provide scale and impact across urban destinations, giving advertisers the ability to engage with urban audiences on the move across the UK. Our Rail sites can be found nationwide including some of the biggest cities (Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, and Bristol).

Exterion Media - Rail Advertising Emirates Campaign  

The Audience 

With over 1.6 billion passenger journeys throughout the UK every year, National Rail gives advertisers and brands a huge audience to talk to. With train users spending on average 13 minutes dwell time on the concourse and 7 minutes on the Platform, -they – tend to find advertising a welcome distraction.


The Environment  

Trains visit most cities and towns – connecting commuters/shoppers around the UK. With 42% of rail users being ABC1, this guarantees you capturing an affluent audience.


Spending habits of business travellers:

  • 78% more likely to be prepared to pay more for quality products
  • 39% more likely to buy on impulse whilst they’re out
  • 30% more likely to go on holiday at least 3 times a year
  • 20% more likely to enjoy splashing out on restaurant meals

Frequent rail users also spend the largest share of their media day (40%) with Out-Of-Home Vs. any other media. With 81% rail users not reading their free local newspaper and 59% not listening to any commercial radio, capturing a receptive audience has never been easier.


Sources: DfT, TGI, ONS

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  • Experiential:

    Exterion Media - Oreo Experiential Campaign

    Exterion Media's experiential portfolio offers the opportunity for brands to engage with the hundred and thousands of consumers that travel by rail. 

    The average rail users spends around 13 minutes on a concourse in a train station, connecting with people who are in a- receptive mood - giving you access to a prime audience wanting to be informed and entertained. Whether you wish to exhibit, sample, and leaflet or attract new customers, with experiential marketing you can appeal to an influential audience as they travel.

    With 289 million people travelling through the 4-sheet Urban Pack stations annually and 330 million footfall passing through the 6-sheet Urban Pack stations, there is no better way to capture your ideal audience and bring your message to life. 

    Experiential can be used successfully to:

    • Build customer relationships
    • Raise awareness
    • Increase loyalty
    • Stimulate positive word of mouth
    • Create product desire

    Interested in experiential advertising? Read more about our platform Exterion Live


    Exterion Media - Rail Advertising EDF Energy Campaign

    Platform Dwell Time

    Delivering you an audience that has the time and inclination to absorb your key messages, 48-sheet campaigns entertain passengers as they wait for an average of 7 minutes on the platform.

    Unmissable Stand-Out

    The large canvas captures the attention of consumers as they make regular journeys to and from their local station.

    Prominent Positions

    With prime cross track and concourse locations at high footfall stations, 48-sheets enjoy high dwell time thanks to their prominent positions.

    Flexibility of Message

    Placed on the platform, clients can either use the site to communicate detailed information, due to its high-dwell time benefit, or achieve stand-out with its huge scale and creative potential. 

    Rail Landmarks 

    Ticket Gateways 

    Exterion Media - Rail Advertising Bristol Ticket Gateways

    Ticket gateways provide a unique method of standing out from the crowd. All passengers have to pass through them, so targeting your audience could never be simpler!

    With Ticket Gateways in over 70 National Rail stations, ticket gates require your audience to actually walk through your advertising messages, making them fully interactive and unmissable. This is a perfect opportunity to make your business front of mind in the busiest part of the station

    Research has shown that ticket gateways have a six times higher recall than any other form of advertising in the rail environment due to their prime location – making your advertising unavoidable!

    • Targeted reach – reach audiences that are close to point of purchase
    • High dwell-time
    • Locations dominate the entry and exit to and from platforms
    • 1.69 billion passenger journeys - a 2% increase
    • In a recent case study ticket gateways were the most recalled advertising format
    • Offering high-frequency exposure of rail users
    • Your campaign is given guaranteed opportunities to be seen - as it is the last message your audience will see before leaving the station
    • Visible to passengers as they cross the station towards the entry or exit

    Campaign Support 

    Visit the campaign support section to get information on copy approval, customer service and the production specifications library.

  • With our range of frequency sites across the rail network you can broadcast your brand by engaging audiences whilst they are out and about, working, shopping and playing.

    12-sheets, 6-sheets, 4-sheets, Rail Stair and Lift Escalator Panels 

    Exterion Media - Rail Advertising Heineken Campaign

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