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Glasgow Subway & Buchanan bus station advertising

In Scotland, we are the market leader in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising with transport networks reaching a combined audience of 2.4 million people each week. As the new media partner for SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport), we now offer advertisers the opportunity to reach the valuable Glasgow Subway and Buchanan bus station audiences, which covers 25.6 million journeys across Glasgow.

Glasgow Subway, the second largest UK suburban commuter rail network, reaches 13 million subway passengers each year. The Subway sits at the heart of transport across the city, interchanging with key bus and rail stations, supporting a truly connected transport network. 

Buchanan bus station, located in the city centre, reaches 14.5 million passengers each year, which is 40,000 passengers daily. These passengers travelling via the national coach services are coming from all over the UK.

A Growing City and Audience

Glasgow represents 32% of the Scottish economic output and after a £1.13 billion government investment, Glasgow is growing in efforts to become the city of the future. As well as being the biggest city in Scotland, more than 200 retail stores can be found within the city, which can account for the fact that 75% of the Glasgow audience are commuters/shoppers.

Glasgow Shopper Statistics

Glasgow is consistently voted as the top place to shop in the UK outside London’s West End. With over 200 retail stores within the Glasgow city centre, Buchanan Street is the city’s main pedestrianised street where there is no shortage of shopping centres.

Glasgow Social Statistics

Glasgow was voted the friendliest city by the rest of the UK. A city with no shortage of things to do, Glasgow has something for everyone, from attending a rugby game at the Celtic Park Stadium to watching a creative production by the National Theatre of Scotland.

With the addition of Glasgow Subway and Buchanan bus station to our Scottish portfolio, we are offering brands a new and unique way to connect with audiences. We can offer a joined up purchase of Subway, Bus and Rail to engage with consumers across the country. Additionally, we are providing advertisers the opportunity to connect with urban audiences across all of the metro systems in the UK: Newcastle, Liverpool, London and Glasgow.

The Glasgow Subway and Buchanan bus station advertising opportunities provide an average 6 – 8 min station dwell time, and an average 12 mins in carriage dwell time. All stations offer 3G & WI-FI connectivity.

See how we can help you reach your audience by calling us on 08008085610, or submitting our contact form on the right. 

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