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From 20th August 2017, we are the media partner for the new South Western rail (SWR) franchise. This greatly strengthens our position as the UK market leader in transport advertising, and more than trebles our coverage of AB1 London rail commuters. SWR has the second largest annual footfall of all the London-bound train lines, with 345 million annual journeys.

SWR coverage

Gateway to a premium audience

SWR has the most affluent passengers of all train lines in the UK, with the highest AB profile and joint highest ABC1 profile. Commuters travelling on the network are 60% more likely to be business decision makers. SWR runs through the wealthiest counties in the UK, making the line a must-have for premium brands looking to target audiences in affluent areas outside the M25.

South Western rail advertising offers the highest AB profile of all rail networks, 79% ABC1, audiences are 60% more likely to be business decision makers

Target tourist hotspots and major events

As well as passing through the major train stations, we provide advertising opportunities to commuters travelling to the biggest sporting and music events across the region. These include Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, the Isle of Wight festival, South West Four music festival in Clapham, the Bournemouth Air Festival and Twickenham Stadium. 

SWR also runs through a number of different tourist and historic hotspots such as Bournemouth, Salisbury (the home of Stonehenge) and Winchester. This gives you the opportunity to connect with audiences, whether they’re using rail for business or leisure. 

With the addition of SWR to our estate, we have expanded our OOH footprint. Our now increased National Rail inventory includes; 95 x D6s, 636 x 4-sheets, 245 x HD 48-sheets and 337 x 6-sheets.

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Sources: Experian Mosaic, Route and TGI

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