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Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising doesn't just engage audiences – it engages the right audiences.

People who make regular journeys to commute, shop or meet friends are often younger, dynamic and affluent – exactly the kind of audience advertisers want to attract.

The outdoor audience is younger and affluent

Research shows that Out-of-Home audiences are:


51% earn over €30,000

Young Adult
Younger than average

28% are between 18-34 yrs old

In an open mindset

59% “thought about” the brand or considered buying it after seeing an Out-of-Home ad

Smart Phone
Tech-savvy and hyperconnected
75% own a smart device

Light TV users

31% more likely to watch only 1–2 hours of TV per day

Store FrontImpulsive

42% bought something on impulse in the last week 


Source: 1. Europe On The Move, 2011, survey size of 9665 across 6 European markets 2. Europe On The Move, 2011 – the sample was segmented in to three – high/medium/low based on the time spent OOH. This statistic is a comparison between high and low segments 3. Interactive Europe, 2013, survey size of 5600 across 6 European markets.

Audience research

We conduct pan-European research studies to better understand the behaviours and attitudes of the Outdoor audience.

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54% more likely to mention ads in conversation

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