Meet the Outdoor Audience

The outdoor advertising audience is highly valuable; they are high income households, impulsive spenders, technology savvy and those who actively welcome advertising.  

Our audience profiles bring to life just some of those audience types you can reach and engage with using our formats.

  • Young adult outdoor advertising audience

    Media savvy, high-spending and low responsibility adults.  They are young professionals who commute daily. A well educated group and likely to be a junior in their first full time job who spend as much as they can on going out and shopping.

  • Everyday Families outdoor advertising audience

    Middle and lower income families with children who live in city suburbs where they have a more affordable and cost effective place to raise a family.  Both husband and wife work in local areas with positions that fit around their children.

  • Career in the City outdoor advertising audience

    Group of young professionals, aged between 18 and 34 who want to reach the top of their careers.  They are typically professionals or office workers who are financially independent and secure.

  • Exterion Media Outdoor advertising audience

    This group is at the higher end of the income spectrum.  Their spending habits reflect their status – they like nice things and are prepared to pay for them, whilst still getting value for money.

  • Exterion Media Outdoor advertising audience

    The regular guy has a good work/life balance.  They have a vocational qualification and work as skilled manual workers or office workers.  They are more local bar than high end wine bar.

  • Exterion Media Outdoor advertising audience

    This group generally lives and works in urban areas.  They are the most urban out of all our segments, regularly taking in events around the city.  Their individual style and the brands that they relate to are very important to them.

  • Exterion Media Outdoor advertising audience

    A group of women that have pre-school children.  Before having children they worked full time & plan to return when their children start school.  Working around their children’s pre-school and activities, they shop and have coffee with friends in their free time.

  • Exterion Media Outdoor advertising audience

    A high-flyer who wants to get to the top of his career.  He has an active social life and his appearance is important to him.  He will spend more for convenience and is more likely to go shopping on his lunch break or at the weekend.

  • Exterion Media Outdoor advertising audience

    This group are responsible for their household's grocery shopping.  They generally visit a major supermarket at least once a week, spending in excess of £51 on groceries.  They opt for the in-store experience, rather than doing their shopping online, because they enjoying browsing for the best deals and looking for inspiration from new products.

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