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Outdoor is not the same medium it was five years ago. Rapid developments in technology, combined with increasing consumer expectations placed on brands, have challenged the industry to evolve.

Over time, the era of ‘paper and paste’ has made way for the era of consumer engagement; campaigns that merge technology, innovation, creativity and interactivity together to capture and engage with consumers.

For the last five years digital has been the main frontier of this Outdoor innovation. Emerging technologies and capabilities have brought brands to life in increasingly responsive and creative ways, whilst the integration of mobile and digital technologies into Outdoor has allowed consumers to fully immerse themselves in brands. The creative opportunities of big-impact installations have also continued to grow, allowing greater opportunities for brands to capture the imagination of their target audience.

Through our extensive and growing digital portfolio and creative solutions opportunities, we are at the forefront of these exciting innovations. This gives us huge potential to interact with our audiences in a variety of creative ways, to take posters beyond the frame and create unique and memorable consumer experiences for brands.

  • For the annual Pride in London festival, Exterion Media UK was heavily involved in sharing their #FreedomTo campaign throughout the capital on Bus Superside ads, and across the Underground on station gateways, Digital Escalator Panels (DEPs) and Cross-Track Projections (XTP) screens.

    Members of the public were asked to submit their personal messages and photos communicating what Pride means to them via Facebook and Twitter using the #FreedomTo hashtag in the build up to the festival, the best of which were shown on Exterion Media’s XTP screens. Celebrities including Sir Ian McKellan, Kylie Minogue, Graham Norton, Sir Elton John and Ben Cohen also backed the campaign with a range of inspiring and entertaining messages.

    The LGBT community also submitted videos of their Pride parties, galas and live events, using the filmmaking app Seenit Capture, which were showcased on Exterion Media-powered XTP London Underground stations across the capital.

  • In July 2014 Disneyland Paris and Exterion Media Netherlands created a unique and impactful campaign to promote the theme park’s newest attraction 'Ratatouille: The Adventure'. To recreate the experience of the ride where visitors are shrunk to the size of a rat, Exterion Media completely transformed two ordinary bus shelters in Rotterdam and Tilberg into giant 3D ovens. Passers by were then able to experience what it's like to be small like Remy the rat, the culinary savvy star of Ratatouille living in a human-sized world.

    The make-over included a stove, pots on the roof, a freshly baked baguette and the smell of freshly baked apple pie, completely immersing passengers into the world of Ratatouille. Two hostesses were also on hand on the campaign’s launch day with trays of fresh vegetables. 

  • In an innovative digital campaign, the environmental organisation The Gum Litter Taskforce partnered with Exterion Media Ireland to bring an interactive game to Dublin’s Heuston station.

    The browser-based game allowed people to control and play the interactive game on the Transvision screen using their smart phone as the game controller. Commuters were asked to bin as many pieces of gum as possible in an attempt to make it to the top of the leader board.

    The arcade-style game, Bin it Your Way, formed part of The Gum Litter Taskforce’s wider campaign to promote a behavioural change among gum-droppers. Targeting the 15-35 year old age group in particular, the game took over Heuston Station’s giant screen, entertaining passengers waiting for their train over ten days in July.

  • Bus passengers in Rotterdam were in for a surprise, as Rotterdam Zoo joined with Exterion Media Netherlands to bring the zoo’s elephants to life in a unique 4D campaign. Running from 21st July until 10th August, the clever bus shelter campaign used motion sensors to detect when passengers enter the shelter and sit down, causing the elephant displayed on the digital screen to move, wave its trunk and trumpet at surprised passers-by. Wind and noise were also used to add to the effect and give a completely immersive 4D experience. 

    The interactive shelter was part of a wider Outdoor campaign to promote the zoo over the Summer period. Bus shelters in the Zuid-Holland region and the coastal towns of Zeeland and Noord-Holland also featured ‘shadow images’ of an elephant and a giraffe to promote the zoo’s facebook competition where people are encourged to create the shape of an animal with their hands and share on facebook to win prizes.

  • To celebrate the launch of their customisable game My Monopoly, Hasbro took over the Four Dials digital screen at Westfield Stratford with a live interactive game.

    Shoppers were given the chance to play the interactive version of the game by using their smartphones to select their favourite token and upload a photo. Players were then selected, with the lucky few seeing their photo and token appear on the big screen. Shaking their phone to roll a digital set of dice, the players were able to try their luck and start the game.

    As the shoppers played and their tokens progressed around the digital board, live surprises were waiting for the unsuspecting shoppers, including policemen ready to take people to jail if they landed on the 'Go to jail' square.

  • Bacardi Social Interaction PanelTo encourage greater interactivity across Outdoor, Exterion Media ran 'Interactive Month', a month-long initiative urging brands to include an interactive component into their Outdoor campaigns.

    As part of this, Bacardi ran an interactive campaign that combined Outdoor with social media. Using digital Europanels and bus shelters, members of the public were invited to enter into a competition to win a Bacardi Oaktober Party, a fully catered house party.

    To enter, passers-by were encouraged to have their picture taken by one of the interactive panels and, via the social media-enabled digital screens, share it on Bacardi’s Facebook page. The engaging campaign had an average of 500 photos taken per day across the five sites.

  • Platform for Fame at Westfield In September 2013, Exterion Media UK and Westfield partnered to launch a ground-breaking campaign to showcase the potential of NFC.

    One of the #platformforfame campaigns worked alongside partners, TED@MediaCom (Universal Music UK’s media agency) and Island Records. This campaign enabled fans of the hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks to ‘tap to download’ an exclusive re-mixed track by using the NFC technology on their smartphones. Other #platformforfame campaigns included TimeOut where you could tap to win a holiday to Morocco and Westfield Presents, an entertainment initiative where you could tap to access a digital music album and download an Emerging Icons app.

    #platformforfame is the first NFC campaign to display purely in a shopping centre environment, successfully achieving deep levels of engagement with the target audience, and driving over 2,000 downloads. 

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