Exterion Media works with a diverse range of suppliers who help to support our business operations and partners across our markets. We have unique and demanding needs that evolve as rapidly as the media sectors we work in.

When selecting who we work with we want to be transparent throughout the process and also demonstrate value for money. We encourage competition, are dedicated to providing an equal opportunity for suppliers to secure our business and we are committed to behaving in a professional and ethical way. Whilst price is important, we will always consider quality, reliability, safety, security, design, timely delivery, maintenance and after-sales support before arriving at a decision which is the most economically advantageous to our business.

As an ethical organisation we also want our suppliers to reflect our values and help us achieve our corporate social responsibility objectives.

Additionally, the need to demonstrate value for money is central to our procurement strategy. We work with our suppliers to deliver contracts which are robust, fit for purpose and maximise value for money for Exterion Media, our Franchise Partners and end customers.

To achieve this we need the support of our suppliers. We rely on our supplier network for excellence in goods and services throughout our organisation and to our customers. We constantly seek to improve and expect our suppliers to play a major part in this process, sharing our goal of excellence.

Potential suppliers must demonstrate their financial, commercial and technical capability to fully meet our contractual requirements. A clear demonstration of commitment to equal opportunities in employment, training of staff, environmental issues, data security and safe systems of working is also key.

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If you would like us to consider your company as a supplier when tendering for new work, goods or services, please contact Daniel Provis.

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